There’s more to it than I’ve got here. I’m only putting stuff in here than I’m using or find interesting.
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Linux Screen is great. It allows you:

  • To have multiple shell windows in a single SSH session.
  • Keep it active if you disconnect.
  • Disconnect and reconnect from different locations/machines.
  • Run a long process without being active in the session.

Note that I’m using Minimal CentOS 8 for this.

My specific use case is, that I can start multiple Discord bots on my CentOS VM. Without it, I’d be able to start a single one.

To install screen on CentOS, you need to install the epel packages by typing:

dnf -y install epel-release

The -y parameter just says yes to the installation, so you don’t have to press Y and then ENTER afterwards.
Screen is now installed.

To start a screen, you simply type


And you’re in a new screen.

To detach it, there seems to be no command for it, but the the builtin way is by pressing:

CTRL + A + D

That is on a Windows keyboard, if you’re using a MAC you’d need to use the equivalent.

If you want to name your session, you type

screen -S session_name

and name your session whatever you’re doing with it, or want to name it.

To view your screens, type:

screen -ls

and it will list your current screens.

If you’d like to kill a session, you need the ID of the session. You can get it by typing the command above.
When you have the ID of the session, type:

screen -X -S # quit

# is the ID number.
If you want to kill all screens, type:

pkill screen

For reattaching to a screen, type:

screen -r #

Remember to put in the session ID number from using:

screen -ls


screenscreenStarts a screen.
screen -S sesson_namescreen -S my_sessionStarts a screen with a session name.
CTRL + A + DCTRL + A + DDeattaches the screen you’re in.
screeen -r #screen -r 7752Reattatches the screen with the session ID 7752.
screen -lsscreen -lsLists active sessions.
screen -X -S # quitscreen -X -S 7752 quitCloses the session with the ID 7752.
pkill screenpkill screenCloses all screens.

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