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PC upgrade

I’m getting a PC upgrade, soon!When the bills have been payed and there’s nothing left, as a proper adult should, I’m buying the PC parts. For good measure, I’m listing my current hardware:CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600CPU Cooler: AMD stock coolerMB: Asus Prime B450-PlusRAM: G.Skill Aegis 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) 3000MHz CL16 I’m […]

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Future server case

This has been underway for quite some time… My server used to be ina middle room on the 1st floor, which is next to our bedroom. And because of our dog that likes to grab a night snack, we can’t close the door, so the fan noise is annoying at night.I’ve tested it on my […]

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Game Cache

I’m going to explain what it is, and not so much on how to set it up on unRAID, because there’s, as we say in Denmark, “no cow on the ice”.The Game Cache, also know as Steam Cache, is not the name any more. I think the latest name, is the most fitting one, because […]

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Mail subscription

This one was small, but needed. It’s a simple mail subscription, so you scan subscribe to get a mail when a new blog post is published.It’s just a free plugin called “Email Subscribers & Newsletters” made by Icegram.It does have some premium features, like using an SMTP server to send the mails, but this works […]

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Project: Automated media setup

Introduction Topology Plex is really nice!It allows you to stream your own media content inside and outside your own network. The last one needs to have the port open in your router, otherwise it will only work internally. I will just explain how my media automation works.Be sure to check back when you’ve read it […]

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Project: Domain & DNS setup

Topology of the setup As I've written in a previous post, I chose Simply as my domain host, they also host this website.Here I will explain how I've set up my services, and how to point it there.You'll need a static IP from your ISP to make it work, otherwise you'll need somthing like [...]
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Project: Nextcloud

I’ve installed nextcloud before, but I’ve had to use to get a subdomain.But now I’ve got the domain, and this is how I’ve set it up! First, you’ll need to create a share for your cloud.I’ve named it Nextcloud, since I’m using Nextcloud.I’ve also enabled cache on it. Then you need to install MariaDB, […]

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Project: Website

Website I’ve been looking for how go do this for some time, so it was fairly easy to set it up, so I’m mainly going to describe how I did it, and not go too much into details, until it’s needed in the more specific functions. I decided to go with Simply for my domain […]

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Website up!

I’ve been wanting a website for quite some time now, and now, I finally have it.There still needs to be done some more graphical work, adjustments and small tweaks design wise, but the base structure is up. I’ve set up a Discord section, a Twitch section and wrote a bit about myself and the general […]

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