My name is Nicolai, I was born in the year of 1990, so I’m 30 at the time of this writing. Yikes!

My job is in IT, at CDK (DMS systems) in Denmark, which means I’m also from Denmark.


Besides my job in IT, I spend time with my fiancee (wedding scheduled for the summer of 2020), I’m the”financial officer” (gotta fancy up the title) of the Esport Union in Fredericia, called Fredericia Esport. I’m the guy responsible for the economics, I’m also a gamer and a PC enthusiast.


I play Diablo 3 and Valorant at the moment, and I also play Company CS. You basically play CS with your colleagues. We’re going to play against other departments soon though.


I occasionally stream at Twitch as well, so you can see me on webcam being all glorius, or failing miserably. It’s one or the other, there’s no inbetween.

So, why this website?
It’s mainly a place for me to post my projects, thoughts and ideas about technology, make tutorials for myself. And if anyone else can use it, that’s great too.


Here’s a picture of me, eating out with my girlfriend, she’s now my fiancee.