General update

A general update.
Besides it had a bent pin, that I don’t know if it came like that, or if I did it. I might add a picture of it.
But I later found out a lot of people actually had that issue, so I’m starting to think it wasn’t be being clumsy.

The PC had a weird issue with the RAM. The MB troubleshoot said to power off the PC, look at the RAM for damage or smudge. So I did, and I was threathening it with my eyes as well. And it worked just fine. For a week. Then I did it again. So I threatened it even more with the crazy eyes. And then it has been running like a champ ever since.

I’ve since then also sold my GTX 1660 Ti because of the prices. I managed to get 3.500 DKK from it.

The CPU is boss. I’ve only mangaged to utilize it all if I export something from Adobe Premiere Pro, and that is only around 30 seconds. But I use it a lot for playing around with VMs, and the 32 GB also comes handy for that.

I’ve also bought a Kingston A2000 for storage. Some of the old PC parts will be in my father in laws new PC. He just get used parts from what I’ve got laying around.

I’m getting more into servers atm. so I will probably hos this site myself down the road, or just keep the domain since I’m not good at getting stuff written here. Time will tell what happends though.

I’ve registered a domain for my server hobby called, but there’s no website for it, since I’m just using sub domains for playing around and hosting game servers.

To round it up, I’m thinking about what the next step for is.

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