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This has been underway for quite some time…

My server used to be ina middle room on the 1st floor, which is next to our bedroom. And because of our dog that likes to grab a night snack, we can’t close the door, so the fan noise is annoying at night.
I’ve tested it on my phone with an app, and it measured 45 dB of fan noise in the room about 1 meter from it.
It’s not the most accurate way of measuring it, but that’s all I have.

I initially looked at a different case, one with a lot of room for hard drives, and good noise reduction. So I looked a lot at the Fractal Design Define R7 XL. It has room for 18 hard drives and good noise reduction.
I was pretty certain about the case, I just needed to change the fans for Noctua’s NF-F12 or NF-F12A, both the PWM variant.

I’m using a first edition of Antec Twelve Hundred as my server case atm. and I actually lost the special made screws for the drives, but I manged to find them in a place that was too obvious, so I didn’t look there.
The obvious place was in the toolbox, and not the PC one.

Since my server is in a “connecting room” on the 1st floor, which is next to our bedroom, and we can’t close the door completely because of our dog that likes to get a snack during the night, it has to be quiet.
I’ve used an app on my phone called “Sound Meter” and it’s between 40 and 45 dB of fan noise there. And I’m not even next to it.
I know it’s not the most accurate way for measuring it, but that’s what I have available to me.

The good thing about being poor, is that you have plenty of time to save up and do research. So I actually found out, my old Antec 1200 is great. If you remove the front fans and the included drive cages, you can get up to 20 x 3.5″ hard drives in it, or 15 x 3.5 “hard drives with 18 x 2.5” SSD’s, by replacing it with other drive cages.
An example:

A friend from Norway showed me this.

You could add quite a lot to it. And depending on your MB, you could just use NVME M.2’s instead of the SSD’s, or use all of it for SSD’s, and you’d have 72 x 2.5″ SSD’s in it. It all depends on how you match it.
So it has options.

I will probably change the fans down the road and the PSU, and add disks along the way. It has room for 12 disks with the standard configuration, so I’ll just replace the cages when I start getting close to the 12 drives.

Long story short, I get to keep my old Antec 1200 that I can keep using as my server, and probably for quite a long time.
I will show you some pictures down the road when I start to change the hardware, or add it.

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