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As I’ve written in a previous post, I chose Simply as my domain host, they also host this website.
Here I will explain how I’ve set up my services, and how to point it there.
You’ll need a static IP from your ISP to make it work, otherwise you’ll need somthing like to track your dynamic IP.
I’m using a Proxy Manager for this.
A Proxy is simply an application or appliance/device that handles requests from clients, and points it to that resource, or docker in my case.
So when your’re going to you’ll hit my Nextcloud docker that I’ve set up here.

For me to create a DNS record, I just got to my control panel of my domain host, and create a DNS A record, and a subdomain.
In my case, it was as the subdomain and I’ve replaced my IP with Google’s public IP (, since it’s a bad idea to give people your static IP.

I’ve used a docker for my unRAID server called NGINX Proxy Manager, it’s also has let’s encrypt built into it, and has a dashboard you can configure it from.
If you’re using the let’s encrypt docker, you’d have to edit each individual file through a text editor in your OS or bash.

If you’re pointed your subdomain to your IP, you need to forward the port in your router so it will reach NGINX Proxy Manager.
You might need to look up how, if you don’t know it, or haven’t done it before.

In the NGINX Proxy Mangager, you just need to add the (sub)domain, and point it to the IP and port of your docker.
You can use SSL for security as well.

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